Tunable Lighting for the School Classroom

Tunable Lighting for the School Classroom

Most people function on a 24-hour cycle alternating between awake and sleep periods also known as your Circadian rhythm.

The biggest influence on this rhythm is light. This is why we naturally have a tendency to sleep at night and function awake during the day when the sun is present.

In the morning as the sun rises, light automatically stimulates certain areas of your brain to secrete chemicals that excite your nervous system to become more active and you wake up.  As the sun goes down your brain detects this and begins to secrete chemicals that promote initiation of sleep.

Tunable lighting is now being used in the School classroom with great results. The spectrum can be set with a wifi controller to boost alertness at times, for instance, during an exam or presentation, or for a relaxed environment at other times when a class is too energized or when the class is ready to dismiss.

Wifi Controller for Tunable lighting

Having visited many schools in the last 15 years I am very often greeted with dull sub-par lighting, a light that invites relaxation and sleep, grey corridors that take the life out of the building because the placement of lights is too spaced out with the aim of saving energy.  On average, Schools are renovated every 20 years, it’s now time to get ahead and offer our students the very best learning conditions. Fortunately, we are now at a time when it is possible to save energy and provide the ideal lighting conditions.

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*Samjin LED was the first company to introduce tunable lighting to the market