Smartphone LED Flicker Test

By Lee | 15 October 2019

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY REPORT ON “POTENTIAL LED FLICKER-INDUCED IMPAIRMENTS”: Flicker from fluorescent light tubes is well documented, however, did you know low quality LED products also produce flicker? It’s rarely mentioned as the goal for many customers is to lower electricity consumption. The State of California has introduced a certification (CAJA10 tested) to notify…

We spend 87% of our waking hours inside, so why do we choose such bad lighting?

By Lee | 24 September 2019

The following factors point to the problem Incorrect choice of color rendering and temperature – the negative being a poor actual color representation and lower personal energy levels Incorrect spacing of light fixtures¬† – poor light uniformity and loss in-depth perception increase safety concerns and can give off a grey subdued light Choosing low price…

Why everyone should be interested in lighting product efficiency

By Lee | 28 August 2019

Why everyone should be interested in light product efficiency. When installing exterior lighting at your local sports facility, business or home it is essential that you understand the environmental, economic and safety aspects of each project. The objective is to optimize all of these facets. When all (3) objectives are not met we will eventually…

Tunable Lighting for the School Classroom

By Lee | 25 September 2018

Tunable Lighting for the School Classroom Most people function on a 24-hour cycle alternating between awake and sleep periods also known as your Circadian rhythm. The biggest influence on this rhythm is light. This is why we naturally have a tendency to sleep at night and function awake during the day when the sun is…

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