We spend 87% of our waking hours inside, so why do we choose such bad lighting?

Many examples of poor indoor lighting for Office spaces, manufacturing and sport facilities

The following factors point to the problem

  • Incorrect choice of color rendering and temperature – the negative being a poor actual color representation and lower personal energy levels
  • Incorrect spacing of light fixtures¬† – poor light uniformity and loss in-depth perception increase safety concerns and can give off a grey subdued light
  • Choosing low price over quality – Light flicker and reduction of light output over time. Many low-cost light fixtures can lose up to 60% of output within a year. Eye irritation resulting in headaches along with well-documented health issues because of light flicker.
  • Non-consideration of reflectance of objects within a space – Spaces appear darker than anticipated and increase safety concerns.
  • Too much emphasis is placed on the look of a light fixture focus on its purpose and primary objective. If you find a good looking fixture that achieves its objectives – Go for it!

The Solution

  • Use natural light whenever possible! Compliment with non-glare/non-flicker lighting when light levels are below desired levels with a dimmer or lighting controls
  • Use your smartphone to check for flicker. Simply film your lighting in slow-mo and see if there’s a flicker effect.
  • Speak with a lighting specialist about the spacing of fixtures to improve light uniformity. This is generally an issue when cost savings are the main goal.
  • Customize the light temperature based on the location. Offices, kitchen’s, libraries, classrooms, Sports and manufacturing facilities should have a minimum of 3,500-4000K with 5000K advised for the latter. Working with these Kelvin temperatures will improve energy levels and concentration. Lower Kelvin temperatures are generally for a more relaxed environment, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops for example.
  • Tunable lighting is an ideal solution. Have full control of the lighting environment. Check the link: Samjin Tunable

On a personal note, please spend as much time as possible outdoors! Enjoy natural light and its benefits. Unfortunately, the children of today are also missing out on the great outdoors with the ever-expanding tech available. (That’s another debate…)

At NortonLED, we believe our lighting products are here to best complement natural light and only a replacement when unavailable. Always keep this is in mind…

Lee J. Witham, President, NortonLED