Why everyone should be interested in lighting product efficiency

At NortonLED we focus on the details.
To provide the best customer experience we put great emphasis on the Environmental, Economic and Safety aspects in our product design.
It’s about making sure what you buy is durable, priced fairly, provides safety, visual clarity and controllability to only illuminate designated areas without disturbing neighboring areas.

Why everyone should be interested in light product efficiency.

When installing exterior lighting at your local sports facility, business or home it is essential that you understand the environmental, economic and safety aspects of each project. The objective is to optimize all of these facets. When all (3) objectives are not met we will eventually suffer the consequences in time.


People and wildlife alike are impacted by inadequately thought out lighting installations and products with far-reaching consequences. Light pollution is a major problem, wildlife behavioral patterns are heavily based on daylight and the night sky. People suffer when light trespass occurs when unwanted light shines on our property or in our windows.

When a bright, uncontrolled lighting installation occurs the tranquility of the nighttime environment is disturbed and the quality of life diminished. From migrating birds to plant growth are all affected. Light Trespass is the most common source of citizen complaints.

When it comes to manufacturing product longevity is vital, dramatically increasing the lifetime of the lighting product considerably reduces waste.


Although the impact that light pollution has on the natural environment are far-ranging and difficult to quantify, it is possible to get an idea of exactly what it’s doing to the global economy. The light that gets misused at night must originate somewhere, and the energy that powers it costs money. The amount of electricity that goes to waste at night accounts for one-third of all lighting in use.

Although Open light sources are discouraged, poor fit and finish with inferior materials can put unnecessary tolerance on the product and increase light leakage and long term maintenance costs.

Please note the night sky in full darkness


Correctly illuminated areas will reduce the risk of accidents and also give a feeling of personal safety. Minimizing dark zones enables clear recognition of vehicles and people from a distance. It is vital that the illuminated areas feel open and orientation is stress-free. However, be cognizant of the surrounding areas, incorrectly installed fixtures may solve your safety concern but promote hazardous situations for others...

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…

The Good…

The reflector and light cut off technology in our Gigatera products eliminates glare and only directs light to the designated area.

The Bad

Light Pollution, High energy, and maintenance costs

The Ugly

LED Streetlighting may be economical but with the incorrect light temperature along with insufficient control of the light source the light pollution is a real issue.

Please take a few minutes to view the following video (courtesy of DarkSky)

Video courtesy of DarkSky