Durability – High-quality materials, the very best heat sink, and driver technology permit our products to outlast other products on the market.

Non-Glare Products – Using Edge-Lit, Asymmetric lens and narrow beam technology our products create a safe working environment without the distraction of glare

Non-Flicker – All products are certified Non-Flicker (Title 20/24) long-term exposure to light flicker can result in headaches, eye strain, malaise, and even visual impairment

Light Cut-Off Technology – Our Light Cut-Off technology is a leader in the industry, advanced accuracy provides illumination only to the wanted destination and therefore eliminating light overspill to neighboring areas. (Light Pollution)

Tunable Lighting – With a touch, the atmosphere of a space can be transformed simply by changing the light color from 2,000K to 6,500K. Options include Bluetooth control via a wall controller of phone App.


Industrial Lighting

At NortonLED, we know that industrial lights are an important part of your business, we offer a premium selection of LED fixtures:

  • High bay fixtures
  • Low bay fixtures
  • Linear fixtures
  • Retrofit kits
  • Vapor tight & wet location fixtures
  • Hazardous area/explosion proof fixtures.

Each of these options is specially tailored to the needs and requirements of a certain commercial area and, when chosen correctly, can enhance your commercial or warehouse space performance.

Office Lighting

Our Samjin Office product line includes Edge-Lit Flat Panels, retrofit kits, and basket style fixtures.

Samjin has a wealth of experience in providing one of the leading LED TV manufacturers with white backlights.

This technology is now offered in office lighting and provides unparalleled non-glare properties and amazing light uniformity.

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"Ideal light for Educational & Medical Facilities"


Tunable Lighting

A healthy learning environment is paramount to our children's success in School. Scientific research shows us that the appropriate lighting can enhance concentration in the classroom and Sports field, allow for relaxation in down times. Controlability of tunable lighting is especially helpful for students with autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions.

There have been many studies on how daylighting and different spectrums of light affect our circadian rhythm and other health aspects. For example, better access to daylight could help people with sleep disorders. The growing body of research on daylighting and its relationship to the circadian rhythm will lend to a lot of future work in how we design lighting for people with autism.

NortonLED have partnered Samjin LED, Samjin are the pioneer of Tunable lighting, with a background in lighting technology for over 30 years you are guaranteed premium quality.

Parking Garage

High-quality lighting in a Parking Garage is essential given the 24 hours per day cycle.

Well illuminated parking and walkways will reduce the risk of accidents and also give a feeling of personal safety. Minimizing dark zones enables clear recognition of vehicles and people from a distance.

It is vital that the illuminated areas feel open and orientation should be easy to help facilities direct patrons only to designated areas.


Sports Lighting - ProSportLED

From the very start, we have listened to the athletes. When an athlete is given the very best conditions it allows for optimal performance, we believe this starts a chain reaction. The athlete performs better, the audience enjoys the performance, the sports facility is crediting for providing the conditions.

ProSportLED focuses on providing the very best LED lighting products specifically for Sports facilities and its athletes.

Visit for our dedicated Sports lighting products.

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